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How can you sell power from solar power plants?

How can you sell power from solar power plants?

Every operator of a photovoltaic system can sell the current he or she produces to the local grid operator, namely at a price guaranteed by law for a period of 20 years. As soon as the solar facility is connected to the grid, the operator receives a monthly credit for the electricity that has been fed in. Thus, operators of photovoltaic systems have a very sound basis for planning, which significantly reduces their own investment risk and allows for an excellent forecast of their individual return on investment. Moreover, the fixed fee-in rate of the EEG facilitates possible debt financing of the solar facility.


The Renewable Energy Act (EEG) provides the legal framework for the sale of solar power. It regulates the purchase and compensation of power exclusively generated from renewable energy sources (e.g. solar and wind power) by supply companies who operate networks for the general power supply (grid operators). The EEG came into force for the first time on August 1, 2004, with the publication in the German Federal Law Gazette (BGBl I, p. 1918 et seq). [BGB=Federal Law Gazette]