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Constructing ground-mounted plants

Constructing ground-mounted plants

As a private citizen or public authority entity, do you own suitable land that you would like to lease out for the construction of a larger-scale solar plant? Would you like to entrust a professional enterprise with the efforts involved with planning, the investment and operation of the solar installation?


In terms of the amendment to the EEG, as of 2012 suitable spaces are defined as:

  • Conversion areas (e.g. areas formerly used for military or industrial purposes, such as former military compounds, industrial barracks, building rubble or waste disposal sites, etc.)
  • Areas in commercial or industrial zones
  • Other undeveloped areas (e.g. highway shoulders)


Areas as of a size of 1-2 hectares are well-suited According to EEG, projects on arable land parcels as well as projects in national parks or nature reserves are unfortunately no longer eligible for grants.


We have just the right business model for you: PV² Energie rents your free space over a project run time of 20 years (or more), and you receive an attractive lease remuneration. Initially we investigate the feasibility of the project based on the technical and building law-related assessment of the property. We take care of all administrative, planning and building law-related steps and responsibilities in the context of project development. Then we proceed to plan, finance, construct and operate the solar plant on your land. In return you receive a handsome and regular rental payment. Make gainful use of your land, without incurring expenditures in terms of time and money, so you can concentrate on your core competencies.


With this model you can enjoy a secure and worry-free source of income without you having to invest even a single Euro. PV² Energie assumes the entire financial burden of the solar plant with equity and debt financing. As the lessor you bear no risk for the PV installation, and with this concept you also incur no costs whatsoever. A detailed roof utilization contract ensures a smoothly running process for the entire duration of the lease.


Your benefits from leasing your land - at a glance:

  • Attractive and secure lease income for the next 20 years
  • No expenditure of costs or time for the owner
  • Choose from an annual lease or prepayment of the entire rent over a period of 20 years or longer
  • Image enhancement: You show the public your commitment to the environment