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Prerequisites for the condition of the roof

Prerequisites for the condition of the roof

Most houses are suited for the installation and long-term operation of a PV system. Prior to any installation we check the property and especially the condition of the roof. That is the only way for material selection and project planning customized to the individual roof to be effected.


Among others, the following additional criteria are investigated:
• Roof cladding / insulation
• Roof orientation (eastward and/or westward directions are feasible)
• Few interfering roof structures (chimneys, ventilation pipes, windows, etc.)
• Inclination (even slight inclination as of 5° acceptable)
• Building structure
• Shadowing (by chimneys, trees, houses, etc.)
• Statics (free load reserves available?)
• Grid connection options
• Space for inverters and electricity meters or, as the case may be, additional meter